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I’ve resolved that what I’m really looking for in a web site is a blog.

I wanted the site to do the following things:

  • allow me to publish blog posts, which I was already doing with WordPress
  • allow me to publish the occasional article, which I seem to have little time or inclination to do, so I ditched Drupal
  • allow me to publish photos, for which I’m currently using Picasa Web Albums

I’m maintaining my own site on my own server for the following reasons:

  • Blogger was too slow to load on many of the networks I experimented with
  • WordPress has more features than Blogger.
  • WordPress is open source, and I can learn about this nifty piece of software by running it myself.
  • I had already moved my mail services off of Gmail and onto my rented server, and wanted to consolidate my web services there as well.
  • I love messing with a Linux server in my spare time.

We’ll see how far this Intel Celeron 2.53 GHz machine with 1GB of RAM will get me.