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I have a Hotmail account that I use for sending test emails. I also use it as a SPAM trap, preferring to use it when someone I don’t care about absolutely has to have an email address.

Every once in a while I access it to clean it out or run some tests. I’ve got one with Yahoo also.

Hotmail crashes my Firefox browser. Whenever I try to view my Hotmail Inbox, Firefox locks up as if it were greatly offended that I visited the site.

I figured I wasn’t alone, and, in fact, I’m not alone. A quick search on Google revealed that changes to Hotmail caused just that.

The response to Cathycook on Windows Live:
“Cathycook, the new update of Windows Live Hotmail should work perfectly on the latest version of Firefox. I suggest that you optimize your browser first. Check your browser documentation to see how it’s done.”

I’m so glad that Jeffry D from Windows Live took it upon himself to examine the actual problem and tell us that we just need to “optimize” our browser. Good job Jeffry D. Way to direct us to a solution there.